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Aldermen Consider Continuing GREDA Agreement

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galesburgThe Galesburg Regional Eonomic Development Association submitted a report to the Galesburg City Council during Monday night’s meeting.

The City of Galesburg and GREDA signed an agreement just over a year ago that seeks to partner in job creation and retention efforts.
Because the agreement has passed its one year mark, GREDA is looking to renew their contract with the City for an additional year. The original agreement outlined a potential three year contract subject to Council approval.

Seventh Ward Alderman Jeremy Karlin says that he is curious about where economic development is heading.

“I mean this as no disrespect to any of the people who were involved in seeing how that looks, but I think it’s really important that everyone get on board with what that’s going to look like,” says Karlin.

To continue the agreement will cost the City of Galesburg $25,000.

GREDA cited infrastructure maintenance and development are key going forward, but Internet and telephone technology are areas needing continual improvement.

Several aldermen voiced concerns about renewing the agreement going forward.

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