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Lawmakers React to Governor’s Budget Ideas

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Local lawmakers say they have plenty of questions following Governor Pat Quinn’s budget address before them earlier today.
Quinn called for property tax relief for every homeowner in the state, and extending a temporary income tax hike past the end of the year, while trying to improve funding to schools and social services.
Democratic State Senator John Sullivan tells WGIL there are really two options for passing a budget for next fiscal year.

“Passing a budget based on two billion less in spending for next year than this year is gonna be extremely difficult, the second option is extending and  making the temporary tax permanent than uh basically we have the same spending levels that we currently have from a spending level, yes we don’t have to make the kinda cuts, but you’d still have to vote to make a temporary tax permanent. That’s not an easy vote either.”

Sullivan says he’s interested to hear more about the proposed five-hundred dollar yearly property tax refund Quinn wants to give every homeowner, since he says many do indeed likely feel they’re taxed too much.
Among Republicans, State Senator Darin LaHood calls Quinn, quote, “guilty of political malpractice” for suggesting that the temporary income tax be extended.

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