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Legion Will Play On in Tournament

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The Galesburg American Legion baseball team will play in the Great Lakes Regional Tournament later this week.

The team will, however, have heavy hearts following the death of teammate Jason Maulden, who died in a single vehicle accident over the weekend. With the encouragement from Maulden’s family, Post 285 players voted yesterday to play in this week’s event, after they qualified with a second-place finish at last week’s state tournament. Head Coach Steve Cheeseman said his players were given the choice of whether or not to continue down the tournament trail.

“I’ve spoken with the family; they would like to come,” Cheesman said.  “Keisa [Henry], who’s undergoing the ultimate heartbreak where she’s lost her son and she’s lost her father, and herself has been severely injured, wants the boys to play.  Whatever decision that we make, every decision has to be in regard to what’s respectful, and to the desires of her and her family, and respectful to Jason, and what’s in the best interest of our kids, and what they want to do.”

The Great Lakes Regional begins Thursday in Terre Haute, Indiana, and Galesburg will play Marshfield, Wisconsin at 1pm. Coach Cheeseman says while the focus will be on baseball for several hours, Jason will not be forgotten.

“He’s a quality person, and a fine baseball player, great character.  His teammates loved him.  We loved him.  Everything you’d ever want in a young man as an athlete and as a human being.”

Each Legion uniform will sport the initials “JM” in memory of their fallen teammate.

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