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Superintendent: No Teachers Working, No Football Practice

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picket2The Galesburg Education Association says they have no problem with the football team getting back to work in order to continue practicing for the season. The Galesburg School District Superintendent, however, says he does.

Bart Arthur –a self-admitted sports fan — says it’s true that the district has denied a request for a waiver to be filed with the Illinois High School Association, that would have allowed the Silver Streaks Football team to go back to practice, ahead of what would have been the first football game of the season in about two weeks.

But Arthur says such a waiver wouldn’t have been fair.

“[The Galesburg Education Association] decided they were going to walk.  They have a work stoppage,” Arthur said.  “The district has to decide, are we going to allow anybody to come back to work, or nobody.  Our position is that we’ve locked out all [union] employees, because they chose the work stoppage.  So if we let the coach come back in and have practice, we have to let any other workers that are out there that believe that the strike isn’t right.”

Members of the Silver Streaks Football team this afternoon joined teachers holding picket signs in front of Lincoln Education Center, many simply saying things like “Let us practice.”

At least 12 so-called “contact” practices have to be conducted before teams can play in full games. The Galesburg Education Association says they have no problem with a waiver, and that it would be in the best interest of student athletes.

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