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Authorities Continue to Clear Cameron of Debris Following Tornado Devastation, Rauner to Visit at 12:30

WGIL Newsroom 955

IMG_1542Strong thunderstorms moved through Warren and Knox counties last night producing not only heavy rain and lightning, but also tornadoes. Trained spotters confirmed tornado touchdowns in both counties, as well as 10 miles southwest of Galesburg, but the greatest damage was done in Cameron in Warren County.

Galesburg Fire Chief Tom Simkins Issues Detailed Report from Cameron

WGIL Newsroom 5651

Simkins_TomSometime around 7:30 last evening, I made the decision, as EMA Coordinator, to set the storm warning sirens off in Galesburg.  We had received a report from Monmouth Firefighters of a tornado touchdown south of Monmouth and moving east.  About 10 minutes or so later, a large tornado on the ground was reported by Warren County Sheriffs and firefighters near Cameron.  At that time, I was on the phone with the NWS meteorologists in Lincoln confirming the tornado had slowed its easterly trek to about 25 miles per hour.  

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