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Imaginary Duck Hunt

Listen each weekday as a clue is given on-air and here online as to the location where an imaginary rubber duck is “hidden”. (No duck is physically hidden). Then enter your guess here on this page as to where you think the duck is at. From all of those that have guessed the location correctly, we will draw a winner at random to win the weekly prize package, including a free duck adoption for the Duck Race September 7th.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your guess.

Week\DayDaily Clue\Location & Prize
Week 1
Monday 8/4A culinary icon
Tuesday 8/5All aboard!
Wednesday 8/6In a bejeweled neighborhood
Thursday 8/7What’s your pleasure- In or Out?
Friday 8/8Popeye would love this!
Week 1 Location\PrizeDiana Whitson of Galesburg "found" this week's duck eating the Spinach Bisque at the Landmark . She won a $25 Gift Card to Target.
Week 2
Monday 8/11Up-to-date immunizations - a must!
Tuesday 8/12Don’t forget your bag!
Wednesday 8/13Run free like the wind!
Thursday 8/14Tying the Nott
Friday 8/15New park on the block
Week 2 Location\PrizeLynda White of Galesburg "found" this week's duck hanging out at Connie Nott Canine Area at Inbinder Park - She won a $20 El Rancherito gift certificate
Week 3
Monday 8/18Still looking for a home
Tuesday 8/19Connected to Galesburg’s roots
Wednesday 8/20Reintroduced by local residents
Thursday 8/21Man of many words
Friday 8/22Loved taking care of the kids
Week 3 Location\PrizeAdam Welty of Galesburg "found" this week's duck looking at the Carl Sandburg Statue - he won a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate
Week 4
Monday 8/25Perched
Tuesday 8/26This will keep you on schedule
Wednesday 8/27Grassy inferno
Thursday 8/28Site of traditional icebreaker
Friday 8/29Site of a heated discussion
Week 4 Location\PrizeDeborah Dalton "found" this week's duck sitting on top of the Bell Tower at Old Main - she won a $20 Pizza Hut gift certificate
Week 5
Monday 9/1 If only these buildings could talk!
Tuesday 9/2Water, water everywhere!
Wednesday 9/3We take ‘em young or old!
Thursday 9/4 Galesburg’s finest train nearby
Friday 9/5doing the backstroke
Week 5 Location\PrizeMarcy Simkins of Galesburg "found" the duck splashing in The Hawthorne Pool.


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