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On-air Sports Schedule

11-25-15GHS BOYS basketball vs East Peoria (Thanksgiving Tournament)7:06pm
11-27-15GHS BOYS basketball vs Team Englewood (Thanksgiving Tournament)11:40am
11-27-15GHS BOYS basketball vs Limestone (Thanksgiving Tournament)7:06pm
11-27-15ILLINI basketball vs UAB (Emerald Coast Classic)7:30pm (join in-progress following GHS)
11-28-15GHS BOYS basketball vs Chicago King (Thanksgiving Tournament)10:40am
11-28-15Illini Football vs. Northwestern1:30pm
11-28-15GHS Athletic Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony5pm
11-28-15GHS GIRLS basketball vs Peoria Christian (Thanksgiving Tournament)6:06pm
11-28-15GHS BOYS basketball vs Peoria Notre Dame (Thanksgiving Tournament)7:40pm
12-2-15ILLINI basketball vs Notre Dame (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)7pm
12-3-15GHS GIRLS basketball vs Alleman6:06pm
12-4-15GHS BOYS basketball @ United Township7:06pm
12-5-15GHS GIRLS basketball @ Dunlap1:06pm
12-5-15ILLINI basketball vs Western Carolina1pm (join in-progress following GHS)
12-9-15ILLINI basketball vs Yale6pm
12-10-15GHS GIRLS basketball @ Moline6:06pm
12-11-15GHS BOYS basketball @ Alleman
12-12-15ILLINI basketball vs UICTBD
12-14-15GHS GIRLS basketball vs Jacksonville6:06pm
12-17-15GHS GIRLS basketball @ Quincy6:06pm
12-18-15GHS BOYS basketball vs Moline7:06pm
12-19-15GHS GIRLS basketball @ Taylorville1:06pm
12-19-15GHS BOYS basketball vs Bettendorf @ Augustana College (Iowa/Illinois Shootout)TBD
12-19-15ILLINI basketball vs South Dakota1pm (possibly joined in-progress after GHS)
12-23-15ILLINI basketball vs Missouri (Braggin' Rights Game)5pm
12-28-15GHS GIRLS basketball @ Mattoon TourneyTBD
12-28-15GHS BOYS basketball @ Taylorville Holiday TournamentTBD
12-29-15GHS GIRLS basketball @ Mattoon TourneyTBD
12-29-15GHS BOYS basketball @ Taylorville Holiday Tournament (will be 2 games)TBD
12-30-15GHS GIRLS basketball @ Mattoon TourneyTBD
12-30-15GHS BOYS basketball @ Taylorville Holiday Tournament (will be 2 games)TBD
12-30-15ILLINI basketball vs Michigan1pm
1-3-16ILLINI basketball @ Ohio State3pm
1-4-16GHS GIRLS basketball @ Normal West7:06pm
1-7-16GHS GIRLS basketball @ Rock Island6:06pm
1-7-16ILLINI basketball @ Michigan StateTBD
1-9-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Morton6:06pm
1-10-16ILLINI basketball vs PurdueTBD
1-11-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Rockford East (MLK Tournament)5:40pm
1-14-16GHS GIRLS basketball @ UTHS6:06pm
1-15-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Quincy (Alumni Night / White Out)7:06pm
1-16-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Lincolnway (MLK Tournament)10:40am
1-16-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Dunlap (MLK Tournament)12:10pm
1-16-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Rockford Auburn (MLK Tournament)2:40pm
1-16-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Maine South (MLK Tournament)7:40pm
1-18-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Minooka (MLK Tournament)11:40am
1-18-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Quincy ND (MLK Tournament)1:40pm
1-18-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Peoria (MLK Tournament)6:40pm
1-19-16ILLINI basketball @ Indiana5pm
1-21-16GHS GIRLS basketball @ Alleman6:06pm
1-22-16GHS BOYS basketball @ Rock Island7:06pm
1-23-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs U-High (MLK Tournament)10:06am
1-23-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Morton (MLK Tournament)3:40pm
1-23-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Centennial6:06pm
1-23-16ILLINI basketball @ MinnesotaTBD
1-28-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Moline6:06pm
1-28-16ILLINI basketball vs Ohio State7pm (join in-progress following GHS)
1-29-16GHS BOYS basketball vs United Township7:06pm
1-30-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Jacksonville (GHS Shootout)TBD
1-30-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Alton (Galesburg Shootout)TBD
1-31-16ILLINI basketball vs Wisconsin5:30pm
2-3-16ILLINI basketball @ Rutgers4:30pm
2-4-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Quincy6:06pm
2-5-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Alleman (Pink Out)7:06pm
2-6-15GHS GIRLS basketball vs Sterling1:06pm
2-6-15GHS BOYS basketball vs St. Charles6:10pm
2-7-16ILLINI basketball vs Iowa11am
2-11-16GHS GIRLS basketball vs Rock Island6:06pm
2-12-16GHS BOYS basketball @ Moline7:06pm
2-13-16ILLINI basketball @ Northwestern6pm
2-16-16ILLINI basketball vs Rutgers7pm
2-19-16GHS BOYS basketball @ Quincy7:06pm
2-20-16GHS BOYS basketball @ Geneseo5:40pm
2-21-16ILLINI basketball @ WisconsinTBD
2-25-16ILLINI basketball vs Indiana7pm
2-26-16GHS BOYS basketball vs Rock Island (Senior Night)7:06pm
2-28-16ILLINI basketball vs MinnesotaTBD
3-3-16ILLINI basketball @ Maryland5pm
3-6-16ILLINI basketball @ Penn State10am



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