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On-air Sports Schedule

12-2-14Illini Basketball vs. Miami7:00pm
12-4-14GHS Girls basketball vs Moline6:06pm
12-5-14GHS Boys Basketball vs. Alleman (White out)7:06pm
12-6-14GHS Girls basketball vs Dunlap1:06pm
12-11-14GHS Girls basketball vs Quincy6:06pm
12-12-14GHS Boys Basketball at Moline7:06pm
12-13-14GHS Boys Basketball at Centennial6:06pm
12-13-14GHS Girls basketball at Geneseo1:06pm
12-15-14GHS Girls basketball vs Rock island6:06pm
12-19-14GHS Boys Basketball at Quincy7:06pm
12-20-14GHS Boys Basketball at IA\IL ShootoutTBA
12-20-14GHS Girls basketball vs Jacksonville6:06pm
12-26-14GHS Girls basketball vs ? (Mattoon Tourney)TBA
12-27-14GHS Girls basketball vs ? (Mattoon Tourney)TBA
12-29-14GHS Girls basketball vs ? (Mattoon Tourney)TBA
12-29-14GHS Boys basketball vs ? (Taylorville Tourney)TBA
12-30-14Illini Basketball at Michigan1:00pm
1-3-15Illini Basketball at Ohio StateTBA
1-3-15GHS Girls basketball vs Illini West1:10pm
1-3-15GHS Boys basketball vs Geneseo7:10pm
1-6-15GHS Boys basketball vs Dunlap (MLK Tourney)6:40pm
1-7-15Illini Basketball vs Maryland7:00pm
1-8-15GHS Girls basketball vs United Township6:06pm
1-11-15Illini Basketball vs Nebraska6:30pm
1-14-15Illini Basketball vs Northwestern7:00pm
1-15-15GHS Girls basketball vs Alleman6:06pm
1-16-15GHS Boys basketball vs Rock Island7:06pm
1-17-15GHS Girls basketball vs Peoria King (King Tourney)8:40am
1-17-15GHS Boys basketball vs Minooka (MLK Tourney)11:40am
1-17-15GHS Girls basketball vs U-High (King Tourney)2:40am
1-17-15GHS Boys basketball vs Gurnee Warren (MLK Tourney)7:40pm
1-18-15Illini Basketball vs Indiana11:00am
1-19-15GHS Boys basketball vs Maine South (MLK Tourney)10:40am
1-19-15GHS Girls basketball vs Quincy Notre Dame (King Tourney)1:40pm
1-19-15GHS Boys basketball vs Rockford East (MLK Tourney)6:06pm
1-21-15Illini Basketball vs Purdue7:00pm
1-22-15GHS Girls basketball at Moline6:06pm
1-23-15GHS Boys basketball vs United Township7:06pm
1-24-15GHS Girls basketball vs Morton (King Tourney)11:40am
1-24-15GHS Girls basketball vs Lincolnway Central (King Tourney)2:55pm
1-29-15GHS Girls basketball at quincy6:06pm
1-30-15GHS Boys basketball vs Alleman7:06pm
1-31-15GHS Girls basketball vs Taylorville (GHS Shootout)1:10pm
1-31-15GHS Boys basketball vs Providence Catholic7:10pm
2-3-15Illini Basketball vs Rutgers7:30pm
2-5-15GHS Girls basketball at Rock Island6:06pm
2-6-15GHS Boys basketball vs Moline7:06pm
2-7-15Illini Basketball at Michigan State10:00am
2-7-15GHS Girls basketball at Sterling1:10pm
2-7-15GHS Boys basketball at Dekalb7:06pm
2-12-15GHS Girls basketball vs United Township6:06pm
2-12-15Illini Basketball vs Michigan(Join in Progress)
2-13-15GHS Boys basketball vs Quincy (Senior Night)7:06pm
2-15-15Illini Basketball at Wisconsin11:00am
2-20-15GHS Boys basketball at Rock Island7:06pm
2-21-15GHS Boys basketball at IVC6:40pm
2-22-15Illini Basketball vs Michigan State5:30pm
2-25-15Illini Basketball at Iowa7:00pm
2-27-15GHS Boys basketball at United Township7:06pm
2-28-15Illini Basketball vs Northwestern5:00pm
3-4-15Illini Basketball vs Nebraska8:00pm
3-7-15Illini Basketball at Purdue2:30pm