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Interview: Barry Swanson, Roger Coleman

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John Thiel

Late, former Galesburg High School basketball coach John Thiel’s widow Marilyn passed away last weekend.  Former WGIL General Manager Roger Coleman and former Silver Streak player and coach Barry Swanson share their thoughts and memories.

Barry Swanson played basketball for John Thiel and later became the Silver Streak’s head coach himself. Roger Coleman spent time as General Manager at WGIL and was a very good friend with John Thiel. The coach’s widow, Marilyn, passed away over the weekend. Many Galesburg residents have fond memories of the coach and his wife. We’ll talked about many of those on the WGIL Morning News.

Interview: Mike Patterson, Mike Carlson, Two Matts Productions

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There will be a zombie apocalypse at Sandburg Mall in Galesburg. Mike Patterson and Mike Carlson, owners of Two Matts Productions, will be filming their new movie, “Earth Day 2: Holidays of the Dead”.

Two Matts Productions released the movie “Earth Day” in 2012. They are beginning production on the sequel in Galesburg, largely at Sandburg Mall. They will be filming October 26 and are looking for extras of the zombie persuasion. Mike Patterson and Mike Carlson joined us to talk about the movie and its production on the WGIL Morning News.

Interview: Faye Schulz, Ann Tucker

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Galesburg Kiwanis club president Faye Schulz was recognized with a national award recently.

Faye Schulz, president of the Galesburg Kiwanis Club, was presented with the coveted Amador Medallion from the Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation. The award is named for the late Dr. Luis V. Amador who was a professor of clinical surgery and the founding director of the Kiwanis Illinois-Eastern Iowa District’s Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation. Schulz received the award on September 30th. We spoke with Faye and local Kiwanis vice president and secretary Ann Tucker on the WGIL Morning News.