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Interview: Luther “Pacc” Butler

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PACC ButlerLuther “Pacc” Butler is an author a father and many other things, including a former member of a Chicago street gang.

After enduring an abusive home life, Luther “Pacc” Butler ended up on the streets of Chicago at a young age. The gang became his family and his lifestyle. But with the guidance of a former police officer and as long hard look in the mirror, he turned his life around. He has written a book about his experiences and now mentors young people. He joined us 40 on the WGIL Morning News.  http://www.paccbutler.com/


Interview: John Hunigan & Greg Vickers on Peacekeepers at 8:35

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John Hunigan and Greg Vickers will join us at 8:35 to talk about the Galesburg Peacekeepers initiative.


With increase in violence in the area an initiative was started to get community members together to discuss solving these problems. John Hunigan and Greg Vickers will join us to talk about this initiave, Galesburg Peacekeepers at 8:35 on the WGIL Morning News.

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