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Interview: Mike Patterson & Mike Carlson from Two Matts Productions

WGIL 374

Two Matts

We’ll talked with local film makers Mike Patterson & Mike Carlson of Two Matts Productions about their upcoming sequel.

Filming will begin soon on a new zombie movie with much of the shoot to take place in Galesburg. “Earth Day 2” shooting locations include Sandburg Mall.  Mike Patterson and Mike Carlson, owners of Two Matts Productions, talked about the upcoming production and how they got their start on the WGIL Morning News.

Interview: Julie Lindstrom, worked on Draft Day

WGIL 447


Galesburg native Julie Lindstrom worked on the  set of “Draft Day”. We had the chance to chat with  her about her experience on the WGIL Morning news.

Julie is a graduate of Galesburg High School, Knox College and graduate school at Northwestern University. She has done electrical work on numerous movie sets including her role as Best Boy Electric for the new Kevin Costner movie “Draft Day”.




Interview: Christian Johnson at 7:10

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We’ll talk with Knoxville native Christian Johnson at 7:10 about his experience as an extra in the Movie “Divergent”.

“Divergent” was filmed in Chicago and opens in theaters next Friday. Knoxville native Christian Johnson was an extra in the movie. We’ll talk with Christian about his experience at 7:10 on the WGIL Morning News.

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